Mass on Saturday 26 December 2020

Mass on Saturday, 26 December 2020 (Boxing Day), the Feast of St Stephen, First Martyr will be held at St Joan of Arc Brighton at 12.00pm.

Office Hours during Christmas/New Year

Please note that the office will be closed on Thursday 24 December 2020 and will reopen on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

In case of emergency, please contact the parish priest at St Joan of Arc Brighton on 9593 1703, St Mary's Hampton on 9521 0990 or email: [email protected]

Wishing people in Bayside a Happy and Holy Christmas and a New Year full of hope and promise.

Please click on the link for the Parish Bulletin of Bayside Catholic Mission: Bayside Catholic Mission Bulletin

God Bless
Nazareth Catholic Parish, Ricketts Point
A Community Within the Bayside Catholic Mission

Message from The Pastors

The Gospel we are presented with on this 4th Sunday of Advent is always a welcome one at this time of year.

The account of the Annunciation helps us to refocus on the spiritual aspect of Christmas at a time when the ac-tivities of the world can encroach on what is really important about this great Feast.

The simple 'yes' of Our Lady; her focus on the will of God and her obedience help us to see her as the perfect disciple. Amidst the uncertainties, fears and anxieties, she shows us a way to acceptance and trust.

Our schools finished this week and are looking forward to a well earned break. My thanks go to the Principals and staff of our parish schools who have done an amazing job this year. We are very proud of what they have achieved.

In the coming months we will begin the transition of parish offices to the Bayside Administration hub at St Joan of Arc. Our parish staff are all working hard to support all of our communities during this time. We will keep you informed as things progress. For the moment, emails and phone numbers remain the same.

Christmas Masses
The bookings for the Christmas Masses opened this week, and have been very popular. I am aware that not everybody has been able to book for their preferred Mass time or place. Because of the government restrictions on numbers (1 person per 2 sq metres), we are still limited to the amount of people allowed in the church, and we need to obtain contact tracing information for all attendees.

Due to these limitations, it may mean that this Christmas is different (in many ways !) in that we attend a different place or time. Let's not forget that only a few months ago we could not even get inside a church or attend Mass. We are fortunate to be in this position.

Although not yet ideal, or 'normal', at least we have the possibility of getting to Mass. And it can also help to to consider what is really important: my devotion to the Lord and the Mass rather than a time and place.

Over the coming summer weeks, we will have a 'holiday' bulletin- a shorter Bayside bulletin for the holiday time.

We look forward to seeing you in the coming week.

Father David Cartwright
Moderator, Bayside Mission


Confessions/Reconciliation will be available every Saturday mornings between 9.45am and 10.30am at Stella Maris Church, Beaumaris.

During the month of December:

St Mary's
Saturday 19th December
5.00pm - 5.50pm

Sacred Heart
Saturday 19th December
4.00pm - 4.50pm

Stella Maris
Friday 18th December
6.30pm - 7.30pm

Saturday 19th December
9.45am - 10.30am

Sunday 20th December
9.30am - 10.15am

St Joseph's
Sunday 20th December
7.30am - 7.50am

Sunday Masses

Click on the link to book:

Although we ask that you to continue to book online, we will ensure there is enough space for those who cannot book online.

Please Note:
St Joseph's Church will open at 7.30am.
Stella Maris Church will open at 10.00am,

Please arrive no later than ten minutes before the scheduled Mass time.

Christmas Eve
Sacred Heart Church - 5.00pm
St Joseph's Church - 6.00pm
St Joan of Arc Church - 8.00pm
Stella Maris Church -6.00pm and Midnight

Christmas Day

St Mary's Church - 8.00am
Sacred Heart Church - 9.00am
St Joan of Arc Church - 9.00am
Stella Maris Church- 10.30am
St Joan of Arc Church - 11.00am

Booking for Christmas Masses

Please note that we still must abide by the limits of the government restrictions in our churches (1 person per 2 sq metres) and record the details of all who enter the church. At this stage it will be essential to book for Christmas Masses and we will need to limit numbers in our churches. The bookings are now open on the TryBooking link at

Advent Adoration

Advent Adoration will be held at Stella Maris Church, Beaumaris on:

Friday 18th December - 6.30pm - 10.30pm (6.30pm - 7.30pm - Confession/Reconciliation)

Saturday 19th December - 10.30am - 10.30pm (9.45am - 10.30am - Confession/Reconciliation)

Sunday 20th December - 8.30am - 10.30am (9.30am - 10.15am - Confession/Reconciliation)

Parish Contributions

We thank you for the generous contributions made over the past few months by you to support Fr. David Cartwright, Fr. Dean Mathieson and Fr James Baptist.

Our pastors are ever grateful for your continued support.

Donations can be made through the Presbytery Account and the Church Account, as set out below:

Presbytery Account:

Name: Nazareth Catholic Parish Presbytery
BSB Number
: 083 347
Account Number
: 686959792

Church Account:

Name: Nazareth Catholic Parish Church
BSB Number: 083 347
Account Number: 686478067

If you would like to make regular contributions via credit card or direct debit then please contact the Parish Office to discuss this with Lynn Chen, Parish Secretary.

Your contributions go to support our way of life in Christ Jesus.

Christmas Offerings

At Christmas, the Archdiocese of Melbourne holds its special appeal for priests.

Christmas Offerings are a major source of financial support for our parish priests and all the priests in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. We invite you during this time of giving and recognition to give generously to this appeal. Envelopes are in the Set of Thanksgiving envelopes and they are also available at the rear of the Church.

Thank you for your generous support.

A Vocation View

Every person who has ever born a child, and every person who has freely vowed away this honour, helps in some mysterious way to bring Jesus Christ into this world again. Can you say: "Forever I will sing the goodness of the Lord"?

Feast Days

21 December - St Peter Canisius, Doctor
22 December - St Demetrius
23 December - St John of Kanty
24 December - St Emiliana of Rome
25 December - Christmas Day - the Birth of Our Lord
26 December - St Stephen, First Martyr

Prayers Please

Sick: Michael Slattery, Allison Leicester, Liz Docker, Peter Plumridge, Lucy Menezes, Aliai Coyle-Madut, Lucy Bueno, Faye Fong, Kosta Mihos, Megan Jenkins, Bob Hughes, Edna Campbell, Paul Dear, John Tyssen, Anne Jenkins. Tony Waller, Edwinda Fitsimon

Recently Deceased: Dominic Cotroneo

Anniversary: Clare O’Connor

Please notify the Parish Office with the names of the sick, recently deceased or anniversaries you wish to have included in the e-newsletter each week.

Dear All

A huge thank you to everyone who donated goods, money and time to help shop for and pack 640 beautiful Christmas hampers last Saturday! These will be distributed to those in need visited by the St Vincent de Paul Soup Van in Melbourne this week. An incredible effort from our amazing team! These hampers bring so much joy each Christmas, this year more than ever. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped especially:

  • Joan King for Christmas cards and for help with everything!
  • Merie Chenhall for help with bags, shopping, organising donations and pick ups
  • Maree Clark for looking after Admin and taking away rubbish on Packing Day
  • CP Singh for help with finances and masks
  • Cathy Burman for organising set up
  • The Meows Family, Fraser Dunn, James Wills, Merie and Sam Feekman and Bill and Maria Khong for help setting up on Friday
  • Bill and Maria Khong for rallying the lovely troops of Coreen Ave to help with packing
  • Domi King for Christmas card logistics, bags and shopping
  • Lynn Chen for help with logistics and finances
  • Helena Graham and all the children at Stella Maris Primary School for donations and hand writing Christmas cards and help setting up
  • Liam Buckley and Jenny Keely and all the children at St Josephs for donations and hand writing Christmas cards
  • Carolyn Hunter and the children and families at St Kevin's in Ormond for donations
  • Suzie Williams and the children and families at Grandview Ave Kindergarten for donations
  • Kevin D’Souza and Helen Hurst at Bev Martin Textiles for towels
  • Kate Austin and the amazing team at Pinchapoo HQ for toiletries for 640 hampers
  • Damien Stark at True Variety Black Rock for children's shampoos
  • Kameron Adriana and Woolworths Mentone for $100 Wish Voucher and 100 bags
  • Bellow, George and Woolworths Southland for $50 Wish card and bags
  • Coles Mentone for $100 Voucher
  • Coles Southland for $50 Voucher
  • Officeworks Mentone for stationery
  • Harvey Norman for kind donation
  • Hodges Sandringham, Hodges Beaumaris and Hodges Brighton for bags

To the following people for substantial donations:

  • Kevin Bailey, John Plunkett, Mary Dankaert, Joan and Peter King, Johanna Shannon, Merie and Joris Feekman, Helen Griffiths, Kieran Little, Barry and Donna Martin, Zdenka Filipi, Cathy Burman

If I have missed anyone and for all donations, thank you.

  • Everyone who helped pack on Saturday
  • Ella Quirk for leading the team packing the specialty hampers
  • Everyone who helped load the vans on Sunday
    The amazing Soup Van team led by Poppy Venakis for delivering the hampers
  • SVDP Sarah Cromie and Nick Lock for help with banking and logistics
  • Frank Winkelman and Jeanne Tysen for delivering the local hampers
  • The beautiful people of our Parish for their generous donations and help
  • Darren McNamara for pick ups and for help with everything

With huge thanks again and best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a bright and happy 2021!

Michele McNamara

A Christmas Pilgrimage through the Holy Lands - ADVENTUS

As part of Advent preparation I invite you to watch Adventus on which will take you on a visual pilgrimage through the Holy Lands of today while reflecting on the nativity story. It is a beautiful program showing some of the most beautiful parts of the Holy Lands and all the important sites of the nativity story.

Let us remember especially at this time our sisters and brothers in the Holy Land. Usually the Holy Lands would be teeming with Christmas Pilgrims at this time but not this year!! Please keep them in your prayers and if possible consider donating to help them through this difficult time.

I am looking forward to when we can return to visit this beautiful area and where Jesus lived and walked.

Lisa Brick

Readings for Fourth Sunday of Advent - Year B

First Reading
Samuel 7:1-5, 8-12, 14, 16

Responsorial Psalm

For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord.

Second Reading

Romans 16:25-27

Gospel Acclamation
Alleluia, alleluia!
I am the servant of the Lord:
may his will for me be done.

Luke 1:26-38


Our Parish Priests

Moderator and Parish Priest:
Fr David Cartwright

Parish Priest:
Fr Dean Mathieson

Assistant Parish Priest:
Fr James Baptist

Website: Bayside Catholic Mission
Email: [email protected]

To speak with the parish priest, please contact St Joan of Arc Brighton on 9593 1703 or St Mary's Hampton on 9521 0990.

Please feel free to contact the parish office at [email protected]. If you have any urgent enquiries, ring on the parish number on (03) 9589 2271.

Office Hours:
Tuesday to Friday 9.00am to 1.00pm

Bayside Catholic Mission is committed to safety, well-being and dignity of all children, young people and adults. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.