Our Parish

We, the people of Nazareth Parish, stand under the cross of Our Lord depicted beautifully in our icon-crucifix in Stella Maris Church.

“Standing under the cross” (cf. Jn 19:25) with Mary we are formed as the Church, awaiting for the glorious return of the Lord. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, commenting on Psalm 127, reminded us that we can do nothing without God, but with him all things are possible. With the Lord, “there is prosperity and fruitfulness, a peaceful family richly endowed with children, a well-fortified and protected city, free of constant worry and insecurity.”

Guided by our patrons we gather to worship our loving God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through the sacraments and especially the Holy Eucharist, may he build us into that place where he dwells, his holy Church in Ricketts Point.

“The life of every Catholic parish must be rooted in the Lord Jesus, who gave himself up for her on the cross for love of his bride, the Church”
— Eph 5:25

The History of Nazareth Parish

In 1992 Fr.O’Callaghan, the parish priest of St Joseph’s Black Rock, retired and Fr Tom White, the parish priest of Stella Maris, was appointed as administrator for St.Joseph’s. The two parishes have since continued to be served by just one parish priest.

In 1998 Father Tom White retired and was replaced by Fr John Dupuche who on 26 July 2008 officially combined the 2 churches to form one parish under the name Nazareth Parish of Rickett's Point.